How really be a Man…!

Most of Indian’s are like, they grow up in POVERTY (Poverty of Money, Poverty of Thoughts, Poverty of Big Mindset). We are in recovering country and as kids, we have this perception that I will start doing work when things get better. So I am just going to wait for right time. It is literally how people spend all of their life. Until they really change surrounding. Like for me, it was after I got admission in college. I thought, I will get opportunities there and will start doing all the things that I always wanted to do and of course when I got there I realised that I have much less time than, I thought. Now I was like, hmmm….. now I gonna finish my graduation and wait until 3 yr and then start working on my Ideas. But Luckily I read this book THE WAY OF SUPERIOR MAN by David Deida. Otherwise, After one year I would have been looking for a job and after getting that I would be hoping to get another job which will fulfil my creative desire and ultimately I would have ended up dying before I did any of those. Now this Paradox of life.

So this is how I work now.

1.Stop hoping for a compilation of anything in life.

If you are not doing what you want to do you probably never going to do it.

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2.Don’t get lost in task and duties.

So here is the thing that never wastes time in the unnecessary thing which doesn’t contribute much to your final goal for example after I wake up I will clean my room then I will to grocery and then do this and that naaa….. you don’t have to do all those things. If you would be dying, is this you would say I am really a good boy  I cleaned my room for an hour every day, Or I would say that I pursue my purpose. If you can’t avoid at least minimise time and increase focus on doing what u really want to do.Image result for Don't get lost in task and duties.

3. Be willing to change everything in your life.

Well, this point is the manliest thing I think of. This thought really scared me that if my dad loses his business what I am going to do. But now as a man, this is what I am going to do I DON’T CARE. Let me explain this by an example of Andrew Carnies. Once he was asked that – You have the most successful business in the world how you see this. He said we don’t care, you can take away anything you want be it machine be it factories, we don’t care about those things give us 4yr and we will be back where we left. Now, this attitude I was talking about that take away anything and everything but still there is no power which can stop me to become what I want to become.Image result for Be willing to change everything in your life. in+your+life.

4. Live as if your father were DEAD.

First time when I saw this, I left the book and said this author is mad. But still, when I read this I sensed what author wants to convey. He says that when you are little child people tell you that this is good for you this is what you need to do. This is how it works but when you become a man nobody tells you what to do only you do that job. And a superior man respects everyone listens to everyone but do what he feels good about.Image result for Live as if your father were DEAD.

5.If you don’t know your Purpose Discover it now.

Ask yourself a Question that- If you had all the money and all the time in the world, what would you do?
And now ask yourself are you doing all those things right now that you would have done if you had all the money and time in the world. If not then as a man you have to have a purpose in life. If you don’t know what it is then discovered it. And if you face trouble ask this question, again and again, you will definitely find it one day.

  This blog has been taken from one of the greatest book of our time.

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