Bucket list of every men’s dream

Welcome to Bucketofideas.com where future billionaires come to get inspired and get to know what billionaires life style looks like..!
Hello!!  there you luxury enthusiast. Every men have there bucket list. If you are men then this the place for you
A true gentlemen will come out of his comfort zone and live as much as a significant life as possible always challenge your surrounding your current state and aim as high as your mind allows. Then get to work to make those dreams your reality
Before we enter into the bucket list of what every men should do let know a quote which says “A man who can dare to waste an hour of his life have not discovered the value of life__Charles Darwin
If all don’t  come up on your bucket list make sure you add some and you may achieve some of them..!!
Let’s get started

  1. Mentor Someone to Achieve Greatness
    Helping others to achieve greatness is the most soothing feeling in the entire world. Think how you will feel when a particular person in his motivational lecture tags you to be his secret of success. Isn’t  it’s amazing..!!
  2. Learn to Play an instrument really well
    Impress everyone with your skills and learn something that you always wanted to learn..!!
  3. Achieve A Fit Healthy Body
    Become healthy and have a fit body. Your body is your temple finally get six packs that you always wanted. Just like your favorite celebrity..!!
  4. Crash a Wedding
    Without Yourself thrown out have people embrace your company and make new friends . Just like Maroon 5  video of Sugar..!!
  5. Write And Publish a Book
    It’s not compulsory that you should write your own story just write and publish it and share you thoughts or journey with future generation..!!
  6. Overcome your emotional struggles
    Come to peace with your inner self after that life will change.Inner peace will give you the best version of yourself.. !!
  7. Be Happy
    Live a significant and happy life surrounded by people who love , respect and appreciate you..!!
  8. Quit one addiction you don’t believe you could Quit
    Prove yourself that you can overcome anything. That mind choose to do it.
    Be a True gentlemen..!!
  9. Build a School
    Have that kind of impact on community that benefits people in long run with your gestures..!!
  10. Get on the Cover of a Great Magazine
    Now this is my favorite part. Get the recognition you deserves for all the hard work you have done. Don’t let your let your haters forget you..!!

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