How To Manipulate And Influence People Part 1/2

You might have noticed that it’s really difficult to say no to certain people even if you really don’t want to do the favour they are requesting for. Now there is a science behind it why it happens. One of the reasons might be that the person asking you for the favour is really persuasion naturally or he knows the way to persuade you. persuasion is a Technic to make people say YES for your request or idea or make them do what you really want them to do it’s one of the most powerful skill to learn and master if you really want to achieve success in any field of your life.

Persuasion technics are used everywhere nowadays by people ranging from a normal salesman to Billion Dollar companies for selling their products and even Politician.                                    DON’T USE THE INFO. FOR ANY WRONG OR EVIL PURPOSE.


As there is a famous saying by Abraham Lincoln that you can fool some people for some time but not all the people for all the time.
Don’t make a bad reputation of yourself use it for mutual benefits.

So Let’s Begin.

During the period of evaluation human brain have developed short cuts to make decisions quick to seep energy of the brain these shortcuts are nothing but TRIGGER and in today’s world, our brain uses these triggers more than ever. Our brain is flooded by information through various sources nowadays, and we don’t have time and energy to analysis all the information that comes to us we usually make decision based on these triggers and not real facts as the thing we do and it all happens at the subconscious  level of the brain so we are not aware of it there are basically 8 triggers discussed in this book which helps in developing persuasiveness.


Going back thousands of years survival was very difficult the most important sources for survival were very scares so naturally, human drew attention to scares resources as we needed them urgently after thousands of years that sense of urgency is still in our brain. We are more likely to get attracted to certain things whose availability is limited and we mostly take actions to get it if we feel that we are going to lose that thing companies use this fact to great extent example companies make limited edition products not because they can’t make more products but it triggers the customer to buy it since it is scared and not available in abundance similarly big restaurants usually put less food on plate advertisers use terms like hurry offer valid only for today are all examples of this. This concept can be used in all aspect of life.” Dating guru’s give important advice that they should not always be available for their crush mainly during the initial period to build attraction and avoid the curse of getting friend zone”
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It’s a really powerful mechanism of our brain. Humans have a deep internal need to settle things with each other to make things fair, so if you do a favour to someone they will return it with favour if you do something bad you can get much worse in return. Example: If you someone give you a gift on your birthday, you are likely to give a gift on their birthday. Now giving a business example, there is a multimillionaire organisation HARE KRISHNA which make a lot of money through donations, one way to getting donation is that at the airport they approach people and pin a flower to their cloth even if you say you don’t want they insist on taking it as a gift and after you accept that gift they immediately ask that if you would like to give some  donation for their organisation now it become really hard for the person to say no as we have the urge to settle and mostly people donate money to them.
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Example from book itself that once when the author was at the airport a boy came to him and asked that if he would like to buy a ticket for an event and as author was not interested he refused after the denial he boy asked him to buy a chocolate insist which will cost him some pennies the author took the chocolate without any hesitation but after the boy left he realized something strange, as why did he buy that chocolate when he really didn’t wanted it. This concludes the concept of concession i.e. when someone asks you for a large request and after you deny and then if he counters you with a small request we are more likely to accept that smaller request.
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People have a desire to have a consistency behaviour and they also appreciate it in others. If you make someone commit for something small initially then you are more likely to commit them for something big later on. Using these facts Persuasion is possible Example: a group of people where people were given a cancer awareness button and requested them to wear it for a weak it was a harmless request most of them agreed. Sometime later these same people were asked to donate for cancer not surprisingly this group not only donated but with amount much more than the other groups why because wearing that button for a week cancer awareness has become a small part of their identity they where now more likely to behave as a cancer fighter. Similarly a charity ask people to sigh a petition not so much to influence others but to increase their commitment to the cause. I will show you another business examples where toy companies use these principle. What happens is that a toy get heavily advertised children get excited by it and they approach their parents to buy it for the Christmas after some considerations parents agree and make the commitment to buy it when they go to the market they discover that the toy is out stock and not available anywhere note that this is done purposely by companies and stores so what they do they take other toy or in some case a much expensive one to apologies their child suddenly in January the toy arrives in stores children notice this and ask their parents to buy this is the time when consistency kicks in and parents go to buy that toy the toy stores not only sold that toy but other toys as well using your commitment and consistency. These where just four trigger four next four check my next blog.Image result for COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENCY

The Psychology of Persuasion
is the book from which this blog reference has been taken
this book is highly recommended by CHARLIE MUNGER who is a billionaire himself

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