How To Manipulate People And Influence Them..!! Part 2/2


I am sure you might have noticed something in this example a study in new york city was done where some people were told to look at sixth floor of the building continuously and see what happens 45% of the passer by stopped if one person was looking while 85% stopped if 15 people were looking up the same experiment was aborted when so many people were looking up that they stopped the traffic this principle is based on the fact that we copy what others do and especially we are unsure what we have to do if situations are critical we will follow anyone who seems to know what they are doing so basically show people what others already do what you want them to do in an alarming research it is found that highly visible news about suicide results in an increase in suicide rates these type of suicides are called copy cat suicides if you search on Wikipedia which happens in India some years ago a news particularly children suiciding due to depression increased the number of children committing suicides on a positive side this principle of social proof was used to treat children who were afraid of dogs the treatment was very simply watched a boy playing with his dog. After only 4 days 67% of  kids got over that fear and started playing dog themselves when everyone is laughing you also laugh current laughter that we hear in comedy shows actually make the joke much funnier than it actually is advertisers always tell us that their product that their product is largest selling fastest growing etc. these are all implication of this principle


We refer to people who seem superior to us we are brought to obey authorities initially parents later teacher police mans minister manager and so on such authorities have a power of command telling us what to do a key reason why we obey is because we believe that there will we a negative consequence if we disobey which is not true always. The three factors that trigger the authority principle are:

1. TITLES: A title before a person name increases their perpetuation capability titles like DR., PROF. , Ph.D., PRESIDENT, CHAIRMAN, FOUNDER, CEO, INDUSTRY EXPERTS, have a great impact on us.

2. CLOTHES: Similarly people wearing certain uniforms suit religious outfits also impacts.

3. TRAPPINGS: These are accessories that define certain position and role of a personal example badges expensive suits nice cars extra they give us the feeling that the person using them have an authority who needs to be obeyed.

Now looking at an example of this an expert behind this principle of persuasion Robert B. Cialdini, PhD is itself a fine example those who first time read about him would instantly be convinced for his excellence in phycology.
A business related example of using this concept is when companies use experts engineers doctors etc. in the advertisement to promote their product.


It’s so hard to say no to a beautiful girl or a handsome boy asking you for a favour this is because people are more likely to be influenced by a thing or a people that they like since liking has such fundamental impact on our o relationship it is used as a powerful tool of persuasion. You can dramatically increase the chances of people to comply with your request sell or persuade them if they like you at the first place. Know comes the main question how to make someone to like you there are various factors on which you can work.
A).PHYSICAL ATTRACTIVENESS: Try to look as good as possible because good looks suggest other characters such as HONESTY HUMOR TRUSTWORTHINESS
B).SIMILARITIES: Find similarity between you and the person be feel like people in terms of interest opinions personalities background etc.
C).COMPLIMENT: Give compliments people love to receive praises and tend to like those who give it surprisingly even if they know it is false.
D).CONTACT AND CO-OPERATION: How often they see you and how well you co operate with them can have a huge impact
E).CONDITIONING AND ASSOCIATION: Try to associate yourself with good things and good people we like looking at models and thus become more favourable towards the car behind them now you know how

We like looking at models and thus become more favorable towards the car behind them now you know how pretty girls and hot models end up in most of the commercial for any product including a pen or even cement a real world example of our irrational thinking because of this principle is love toward pandas they are cute fluffy animals on which billions of dollars are spent as to save them from going extinct now it is really holly dead even I don’t want to see the world without pandas but the real problem is that there are thousands of species who are at the edge of extinctions many of these species are easier to save and are much more important for our eco system and indirectly ourselves but we are not getting enough money and resources to save them why just because they are not as cute as pandas that are how liking works


When asking someone to do us a favour we will get more success if we give reason for the favour example a Harward phycologist did an a experiment where people in a line who were just about to use the xerox machine and requested that person to let her use the xerox machine in three different ways which got her three different results in a first way she asked can I use the machine because I am in a rush 90% agreed in the second why she just asked can I just use the machine and 60% agreed that’s why it’s always good to ask in the third way she says can i use the machine because i want XEROX surprisingly 90%  again agreed so it concluded that giving a reason increases your request getting accepted even I have used this principle many a time one day I have to visit doctor and because of my exams I don’t want to waste time so I simply asked for request with a basic reason in it with a bit of hesitation people agreed and let me go first.

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