Things Every Men Should Do.

Welcome to where future billionaires come to get inspired and to get idea how billionaire life style looks like..!!

Hello!!  there you luxury enthusiast. Every men have there bucket list. If you are men then this the place for you.

So Let’s Get Started..

  1. Buy your dream car in cash
    Imagine yourself walking into a dealership and looking to a car you always wanted and paying cash to it no debt drive away in it..!!
  2. Live In Your Favorite City
    At least for a while and make sure that everything goes on the way you thought of. If all goes right then buy a property their..!!
  3. Attend The ‘LA TOMATINA’ Festival
    Throw tomatoes during the Spanish festival tomatina or at least take part in major festival somewhere around the world. .!!
  4. Learn To Fly An Airplane
    Enjoy the freedom that sky has to offer..!!
  5. Buy A Rolex Watch And Pass It On To Family Heirloom
    Buying a Rolex watch is a symbol of success and it can be part of an ongoing tradition..!!
  6. Visit Every continent
    Travel as much as possible create memories and stories to tell others..!!
  7. Throw a Great Got by Party
    With a few hundreds people showing up. Try to make as quality people as possible so that it don’t turn to be ab project X..!!
  8. Leave A Heavy  Tip For Your Favorite Restaurant
    If you feel generous leave a tip of at least $500 or even more. It will build huge self concept on person who is just starting in life..!!
  9. Become Really Good At Chess
    Chess is the sport of mind , teach your kids to get a new milestone if you would have missed it..!!
  10. Have A Bear At Oktoberfest
    If there is one place you have have to pick bear it is Oktoberfest..!!
  11. Attend The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show +The After Party
    Spend a night surrounded by the most beautiful girls in the world..!!
  12. Vacation with NO INTERNET
    Spend some time with someone you love and be apart from internet.  Apart yourself from all the technological world.  This will give you much more relaxation and some very amazing memories..!!
  13. See All The Wonders Of The World
    See both the old and new once. You will be amazed by the beauty human kind has to offer you.!!
  14. See The Aurora Borealis
    You will be amazed by how the amazingly beautiful nature can be by itself..!!
  15. Meet The President Of Your Country
    Not only meet him shake hands and have a little chat..!!


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